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Undrdog SO1 Soap

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Specifically designed to be used prior to any Undrdog coating application, for ease of wax and grease removal, or after a coating has been applied, to maintain its durability. An excellent product for cleaning your car, boat and other tough surfaces in your home or back yard. Our soap. is safe. It will not harm your coating and is strong enough to cut through thick dirt and grime. This product is compatible with all types of ceramic coatings and really great to have around your home. 

Instructions and Application:

At Undrdog, we want your things to look their very best for as long as you own them. So we want you to have every tool and resource to get your car coated with expert care. We will walk you through it.

To apply, use 1 oz of our Soap. per wash bucket or foam cannon and fill up with warm water (approximately 1 oz per every 1 - 1.5 gallons). Wash as normal with a foam cannon or by hand using a sponge. Dry the surface with a clean microfiber towel. More soap = More foam.


Always store in a cool, dry location with the lid tightly closed. 

Ingredients and Safety


For best results, when using undrdog soap. do not let the surface or item dry in direct sunlight because it can result in residue and dried paint damage from rapid drying. Always dry the washed surface using clean microfiber towels and be sure to remove soap residue in full.


H319: Causesserious eye  irritation. H302: Harmful if swallowed.

Do not store below 32F or above 90F. Dispose of contents/ container in accordance with local law and international regulations. Wear protective clothing/ gloves. Dispose of contents/container to comply with local, state and federal regulations. 

First Aid: IF IN EYES, Remove contact lenses, flush eyes immediately with water for 15 minutes. IF SWALLOWED, Seek immediate medical attention.