LSP15K Oceanmax Lightspeed Underwater Light Coating

LSP15K Oceanmax Lightspeed Underwater Light Coating

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Product Overview

OCEANMAX Lightspeed Underwater Light Coating

Barnacles, oysters, mussels, seaweed, and other marine life like to find a home on almost anything around or below the waterline. Underwater lights are just as susceptible to marine growth as other parts of your boat. In fact, the combination of light and heat generated by the device makes the local environmental conditions very favorable for marine growth.

Lightspeed is a transparent foul release system, designed specifically for underwater lights. Conventional antifouling paint and many of the foul-release systems that have been fashioned to prevent marine growth on hulls and running gear are unsuitable on underwater lights as they prevent light getting through, so Oceanmax has formulated a solution to this problem, Lightspeed Underwater Light Coating.

The all-inclusive kit makes it easy to apply in 3 simple steps:

  1. Clean (using Lightclean wipe provided)
  2. Apply (Using clear foul-release coating inside the tube - brush on with brush provided)
  3. Let it dry


  • Provides superior protection from fouling
  • Low maintenance. Once applied any fouling or marine growth can be easily wiped away
  • Proven performance using the same technology as Propspeed, the industry leading foul release coating for running gear
  • Long service life 1-2 years of protection