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Guy Cotten X-TRAFORT Bib Trousers
Interior front pocket
Knee pad pocket

Guy Cotten X-TRAFORT Bib Trousers

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The X-TRAFORT Bib trousers have a new NYLPECHE+ Fabric on the whole front: Double-sided coating to be even more robust than the Nylpeche Fabric.

Perfect for all activities with intense abrasion, like (oyster farming, lobsters, crabs, iron industry…).

Color : Blue/ Fluo orange

Sizes : S-XXL

Fabric : Nylpeche+/ Fisher

Companion Products:  "AGRO" Jacket


    At the front, the blue fabric “NYLPECHE+” is coated on both sides.

    • High and ample cut in front and back.
    • Self-adjusting waist thanks to the elastic gusset on the side.
    • Double layer at the front, and triple layer at the chest and knees.
    • Inside chest pocket.
    • Adjustable tab with Velcro fastening at the bottom of the legs.
    • Inside pocket for knee reinforcements.

    The back is in the Fluorescent orange Fisher fabric giving an extra flexibility.

    Fabric NP+

    NP+ : Gitane blue double-sided coating: 81 % PVC – 18 % Polyester – 1% PU – Poids total 660 g/m2.


    These new Bibs will be in addition to the X-Trapper bibs which are the most popular bibs from Guy Cotten


    The cut and design are the same as the Xtrapper bibs with 2 main differences:

    -          The front is now in Nylpeche+ (660g/m2) instead of the standard Nylpeche (480g/m2). It has a thicker outside coating which will make it more resistant to cuts. The back is in Fisher fabric which is a little more supple than the CapCoz fabric which is on the back of the X-Trapper bibs.

    -          The knee pocket is now heat sealed to the inside lining (instead of the outside NP fabric) The advantage is that the NP+ outside fabric has now a smooth surface; there is no more welding on the front of the legs, which also reduces the possibility of tear. xtrafort, xtra-fort


    Companion Products:  "AGRO" Jacket